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EFP Tactical Medical Group provides integrated training, security and tactical medical support services to government agencies, private corporations and non-governmental organizations worldwide. At EFP Tactical Medical Group (EFP TAC MED LTD), our reputation and business are built on providing low-profile security professionals who are honest, intelligent, proactively motivated, diversified, and skilled in providing only the highest quality security services to our clients. We value every client and every opportunity we engage in as our most important project, our most important mission. Our business success depends on maximizing our client’s satisfaction by tailoring our solutions to meet their needs, while minimizing the impact on their lifestyles. With this goal we will not settle for anything less. Consequently, EFP Tactical Medical Group’s business continues to succeed as it grows through repeat business, referrals and from maintaining a stellar professional reputation based on time-proven methods and performance within the security industry.

Tactical Medical Operational Support
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EFP Tactical Medical Group is committed to meeting and exceeding client’s service expectations by delivering a consistent high quality performance across multiple competencies.

Peace Keeping Operations
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EFP Tactical Medical Group is committed to utilizing our wealth of highly trained crisis management and operational experience for disaster and emergency field assistance in humanitarian response missions.

Emergency Preparedness
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EFP Tactical Medical Group is uniquely positioned as a specialized intermediary for clients seeking solutions for their emergency planning, response, business continuity and crisis management needs.

Medical Research and Development
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EFP Tactical IT Medical Solutions exists to support medical facilities with leading technologies to maintain contemporary relevance in their operations in order that they may achieve an optimized service of care.